Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today we finally get a Flame spoiler for Native, and it’s a Spicy one. Let me introduce to you Ababinili.

  At first glance, you can see the super relevant evasive traits on Ababinili. That alone makes the card pretty great, but the arena affect is really where it shines. Essentially the first part of the text caters to decks that play two colors, given the fact it only works on beasties with an aura cost of 1 that are non-flame, it can seem a little difficult at first to make use of the 25-damage proc. However, there’s still over 150 cards to see from native that might change this.


The second part of the arena affect is where this shines, in a normal mono flame build, you grant yourself and your precious resources possible protection from attacks from opposing beasties. Every time you contract a flame beastie, they gain flash, and activate it as well. This adds a whole new power level to mono flame builds against decks that are pretty tough to combat, like lightning , and maybe cosmic. And do not forget, this stacks! If you have 2 Ababinilis out, your flame beastie gains 2 flashes on contract and so on. One thing that will be huge for tempo is having Ababinili out while you recontract beasties with Hells gate. I think you could gain stabilization with the flash ability’s and This gives a little more protection to our beloved gaasy, or anything else you possibly wanna protect. Now Ababinili can be used to clean up shop too, swinging for 40 isn’t to bad, 50 would have been the sweet spot, but having 5 burn is pretty nice overall. The only downside to Ababinili is the low lp of 35, Usually anything below 50 can be too fragile, but given the traits it has, they either need trait removal, or direct damage spell to deal with it.


Last but not least, it’s a beastie Deity. Seems to be the cycle for native, so I think we can expect some sort of spell to play these out early or something that interacts with Beasty deities. And a first in all my articles and what I want to do moving forward is rate this card from C tier to S. I truly believe this to be a S tier card. And it will have an impact on the Metagame. What do you all think? 


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