All Hallows’ Eve Seance spoiler

BurnedByKevin here ! Wow. Just wow. MetaZoo has spoiled the first card of seance! All Hallows’ Eve. This by far is one of the most powerful cards I’ve seen. A spell that can resurrect from all card graveyards Is crazy. The fact that this spell doesn’t have a gatekeep where you can contract it with any type of page that can generate aura is insane. This card makes dark go up to S tier on deck level. This is best top end card we have currently in MetaZoo. imagine bringing back all your Napa Rebobs, or all your powerful beasties to swing for 600+ one turn. Don’t forget this spell can bring back any aura type, so if you have a way to discard multiple beasties you’ll be fueling the fire which is All Hallows’ Eve. And 2 per spellbook, 2!!! Be on the lookout for this card. it’s going to be a contender moving forward In the metagame!

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