Chibi Salem's Witches, BIG Payout




Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today I wanted to talk about Chibi Salem's Witches! This card is a 1 dark aura cost beastie, that tutors for your Salem's witches from your Spell book. When it is destroyed you can pay 1 dark aura to contract a Salem witch from your limbo, afterlife, or chapter into the arena awakened!

If it is October, when Chibi Salem Witches deals damage to the opposing caster they must discard a page from there chapter. WOW. Good things come in small packages, and Chibi Salem's Witches is the prime example of that. The fact it thins out your deck by fetching a Salem's Witches and giving you an opportunity to contract it for 1 is absolutely what Salem's Witches needed.

Dark got alot of utility with just one card, and many others in this set as well. Salem's Witches is going to accelerate the dark interaction due to the spell reduction from Salem's Witches, Zombie apocalypse for 4? Yes please. All Hallows eve for 6? YES PLEASE. The list goes on, your death counter spells cost 2 as well.. a lot of utility once again and acceleration from 1 beastie.

And just to back track for a bit, when it is Halloween which now you can activate with a terra, Chibi Salem Witches makes the opposing caster discard a page from there chapter when it deals damage to the caster. This will punish players fishing for answers, or holding onto their bigger game winning pieces. It gives dark a nice disruption piece on turn 1 assuming you have October out, rather than your normal Napa OTK deck. I think the first couple of tournaments will have a couple of witch decks that abuse these effects. Be on the lookout for a big uprise in dark archetype decks.



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