Competitive insight Article #1





Competitive insight Article #1

Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today I write the first in the series, competitive insight Article #1. In this series I talk about some major key points that can aid you in your competitive journey moving forward. With this, I really want this to be a place people look forward to reading and get into the mind of a competitive player. There are no rights or wrongs here, purely insight and experience. Let’s begin Competitive insight article #1

(Morphing and learning to adapt to the Meta Game)

With the release of every new set, and with time, a top dog deck/decks emerge that are very good decks and have consistent results. Consistent meaning, they win a good number of tournaments, and or, topmost tournaments. This usually causes an uproar in chatter amongst competitive players and the thinking caps are put on to morph/adapt to the BDIF, best deck in format.

Morph. When I say morph, I simply mean slowly change the way your deck plays/interacts. A lot of players downfalls are sticking to 1 aura type because they are scared of change. Sometimes you will have to step out of your comfort zone to combat the current meta. Something as simple as splashing relevant cards that do well in most matchups can really up your percentages in competitive games. I believe slowing morphing your deck into a hybrid style that interacts with most page types will give you the best results. Now, not all the time will you have to splash a second color, there may be a point in time where mono-colored decks are fine if they have the right amount of support with the sets we have currently. Those usually will be aggro decks, and or midrange. As they have solely the same win con but in different paces. Aggro finishes games faster, midrange grows stronger as the game progresses and wins mid to end game. Same concept, different timing. The point I’m trying to make here is that you have to be willing to try new cards even if it means you can’t play your favorite ones. This really can hinder your results if you don’t branch out. Once again. Morph.

You will sometimes have to humble yourself with the fact you will see a lot of the same decks from time to time. I remember when water reigned supreme and still is a top tier deck btw, in the earlier stages of MetaZoo, it was hard to ADAPT, but it could be done it just took time and practice against the deck. The more games people played against water the better they were at adapting. Something simple as knowing when to play a certain card, when to block, or what hate cards to add to your current deck/side deck can really make the difference. Those small percentages increase your odds. There is nothing wrong with playing the same top deck. A chunk of players do , but here’s the kicker, they adapt, they play the meta deck but make subtle changes that’s aids them in the mirror and puts them a step closer to close out that gap. A true competitive adaptation. Not everyone can pilot the same top tier deck, there’s a lot of technicality when it comes to it. But with practice and time put in, you can find yourself successful.


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