Cursed Contract. NEW insane spirit spell staple





Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today I wanted to talk about one of the top spirit spells in Seance, Cursed Contract. This new spell has a power level beyond compare. The spell reads, You may contract this spell at anytime a non light spell or a non spirit spell is contracted by the opposing caster. Replace the effect text of the spell with, "the caster that contracted this spell loses 75 lp" umm what? So not only does this spell replace the text of the target, but it also punishes the opposing caster for playing it by losing 75 lp. This is a two birds and one stone kind of card, that will be played HEAVILY. Three per spell book essentially gives the user an advantage, as the opposing caster loses 225 lp alone if you are able to contract all three in a single game. 25 percent of your opponent's lp without beasties is insane. The thing that really makes this card stand out is that it "counters" flood the earth and hateful demise. The reason being is because Cursed Contract does not "Counter" these spells, it replaces the texts for them, therefore, they do resolve but not with the original effect. Having "counters" to things that could not be originally countered is huge for MetaZoo, and keeps cards at bay or being to overpowered. I do think this is the right step, in the right direction. Be on the lookout for Cursed Contract in the meta game as it will be one of those cards you will roll your eyes at. What are you guys most excited for seance?


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