Flame Archetype is Top dog for UFO Metagame


Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! Today I write to you all about the aura type flame, and why it is the best aura type in the UFO metagame block! Flame has been an underdog for quite some time, but now we have alot of good pieces that fit well together to combat the vast majority of decks we face today! Some very notable cards to mention that are making a huge impact are,

1. Unholy Fire, this flame spell has alot of utility. It does 50 damage to target page, you are inflicted with burn and take 25 damage. The reason why this card is so good is that it hits PAGES. This can be artifacts, beasties. Having the choice to destroy a artifact or a beastie is very powerful. Also its an easy spell to splash since it cost 1 neutral, 1 flame! Alot of decks are splashing this to kill aurafacts or problematic beasties in the meta game!

2. Headless CoalMiner. This beastie is a powerhouse of a card. Its essentially flames mini board wipe card. When you contract headless coalminer, he creates 2 dynamite tokens. When headless coalminer attacks, all dynamite tokens are destroyed in the arena and all opposing beasties take 20 damage and the caster takes 40. That effect can stabilize a board or set up easy removal for next turn since all the opposing beasties will be weak from 20 damage. Another key is that Headless Coalminer is very evasive since he has spirit, so can be tricky to kill and swings for 75 if you claim coal as your 4th wall!

3. Green Fireballs, this card is no surprise to most competitive players. Green fireballs has the spirit trait and swings for 30 damage and 1 burn. Might not seem like much but the true power is the arena ability. When your opponent loses their final burn counter, they lose 25 lp. So essentially green fireballs attack sets up its arena ability. What makes it very annoying and powerful is that the arena effect stacks. If you have 2 greenfireballs your opponent loses 50 lp, if you have 3, its 75 lp and so on. 10 per spellbook by the way! This is the type of card to sit on the field and make your opponent think about attacking or blocking. Theres instances where you can have multiple on the field, throw a burn spell directly to the caster, and let the burn happen slowly. This card is very powerful and can really change the game instantly in numbers.

4. Explosion. This is my favortie flame spell we have to date. Its 2 flame and does 50 damage to beastie or caster, then 10 damage to beastie or caster. Being able to hit multiple targets is what sets this aside from the rest. Pretty much destroy 1 beastie, and cripple another. If no beastie to target, 60 damage to caster. Plenty of utlity in one card and is easily one of the best spells in the game. Perfect target to destroy lizard people, or Flatwoods monster as they are running rampid in the Metagame.

5. BBQ Sam, bbq sam is a 2 neutral, 3 flame beastie. It has unblockable and fleet, if you are an American citizen. It does 125 damage and creates a bbq sam token that lets you explode it to have target beastie recover 25lp and lose all traits until the end of the turn. Not only is BBQ sam a game ender, it's also a utility spell to remove traits from problematic beasties.

6. Gaasyendietha, is a 2 neutral, 2 flame beastie that allows you to contract spells from your cemetery once each! Being able to contract your spells over and over again is truly powerful. Gaasy for short, can stabilize a board with ease being able to contract spells each turn that you have used already. It is one of the biggest threats in MetaZoo if not destroyed immediately. In a Metagame where alot of beasties are being played, having removal is the best answer to all threats.

All of these flame pages have the best interaction with the current Metagame of cosmic, and lightning. Having interaction with multiple cards is what all decks need, and as of now flame variations have the best interaction to do so! Next time you struggle with the ufo Metagame consider playing flame! Thank you for taking the time to read and have a great day!


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