M, a never before seen effect and possible neutral staple?




Hello everyone BurnedByKevin here! Today we are gonna talk about the new promo from the flame light theme deck "M". This is why I love MetaZoo, this is the first Neutral based beastie promo in a theme deck to date. And also the most unique beastie effect in MetaZoo currently. M is a 7 drop neutral beastie with a whopping 120 lp, swings for 80, and 3 burn with fleet. M when declared as a attacking beastie ignores traits on a beastie it targets. That is a huge counter to most if not all beasties, you can swing at a flyer, a beastie with first strike, even spirit or burrowed, no beastie is safe with M and I'm living for it! Now M has a super unique power that will be so useful. You can target a beastie or artifact you control and place it into a separate arena. This is game changing as you can protect your most precious beastie or artifact from being destroyed from a spell or an attack, since it essentially places them in an arena where you and the opposing caster are not playing on. This is a form of protection MetaZoo has not seen, and I personally think will be played in a handful of decks thanks to M's utility and beefy base stats. Now a lot of people may say the aura cost may be too steep, but we live in a world with aura facts and neutrality totalities. I personally think this will be an easy turn 4 or 5 beastie to contract. Be on the lookout for decks playing M as he will have a decent impact on the Seance metagame!


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