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Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! And today I wanted to do a quick overview of Denver and Team ProCaster! It was awesome to see Nick and the rest of the team for the first time and compete in last weekend's tournament! Being part of such an amazing team really makes the whole experience so much better! Day 1 we all played our hearts out and had a nice pace going for the first couple of rounds. As the day continued, we slowly began running into issues such as aura draw or just really bad matchups, however this is no excuse, and you will always run into this in any TCG! For a couple of us me, and Caleb aka McFrog, this was our second big tournament, but we are always playtesting in a high caliber environment! Luis and Dave have more tournaments under their belt due to a high player pool in their area so overall we all are very experienced in all game scenarios. I wanted to take the time to thank Nick, our sponsor and most importantly our friend for taking care of us this weekend with everything he has done! Thank you to all my Teammates who are also great people and great players. One game off to get into the top 8 but it still was a great experience and we defiantly had people talking! This is the first but won't be our last tournament for Team ProCaster so be ready for WAR!


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