Rise of Gaasyendietha

BurnedByKevin here! And today I wanted to take the time to talk about one of MetaZoo's biggest threats Gaasyendietha! Gaasy for short, is a very powerful beastie that utilizes your powerful spells to be recontracted later in the game. There is a reason Gaasy cannot gain traits, it would be too powerful to deal with. Late game where you and your opponent are at a board stall, or if you have nothing on board, if you contract a Gaasy with at least 7 to 8 aura you can easily reestablish your board and take control of the tides. 
If you do not own at least 2 Gaasys I HIGHLY recommend you get them ASAP! Gaasy is a card that will continue to get more powerful with the release of more powerful spells they create in future sets as well as spells that can protect Gaasy from being taken out! There is a reason Gaasy is staying around 50 bucks... it's being played in a lot of rouge decks in the current format and can easily be splashed in many decks due to its easy aura curve of 2 flame 2 neutral. Do not be surprised when decks run ramped with Gaasy. It is easy to abuse such power and for good reason. I hope you enjoyed this short informative article! Always remember..

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