Satanic Panic! Amazing new dark spell




Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! And today I wanted to talk about satanic panic and the impact I think it will have on many decks moving forward!

Satanic panic is a 3 Dark aura cost spell, for every non token dark beastie and non-token spirit beastie, you create a dark 20 lp 20 attack satanic cultist token into the arena. Now I think this spell is quite powerful, for all my OG players, we all know a similar card to this known as sinister shadows, but it can only target dark beasties with an aura cost of 1. While Satanic panic uses the whole arena to determine the number of tokens you get.

I think this card is going to be super powerful in the future Metagame as seance is heavily dark and spirit cards, but this also incorporates cards that have dual aura with dark or spirit, so a lot of targets to hit with satanic panic. It adds a nice aggro piece for pure dark decks or even dark spirit decks to swing big or have blockers for next turn.

Having the option also to sacrifice a beastie demon to contract it for 4 dark from your cemetery can also lead to some quicker games and giving you essentially an extra copy of Satanic panic. This will be a card that will go under the radar for a little, until players realize the utility this card has and the power level. Being able to play 3 per spell book is also great if you can build your deck with a good aura curve, 3 dark could be steep to pay for dual aura decks, but we do have plenty of support now and moving forward! What are your thoughts on Satanic Panic?


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