Scorched pages. Flame has more interaction now

What is going on everyone, BurnedByKevin here! And today I write this article with more excitement than usual. Scorched pages, a new Seance spoiler, is something for all flame players to jump up and down about. One thing flame was lacking was having interaction outside of beasties. With Scorched Pages, we now have a card up our sleeve and spell interaction without splashing Dampen. 
Now I know losing 125 LP may be alot, but when it comes down to winning the game with a counter spell, it is well worth it. What makes this card so interesting and even better than it already is, is that it can also negate POTIONS, AND TERRA! This is the first of its kind in MetaZoo, to negate Terras. This is very huge for the metagame and flame players. Scorched Pages is literally 3 cards in one, destroy terra, Dampen, and Anti Anti potion. What more can you ask for?
Seance seems to be the most complex set to date with only a couple cards spoiled so far. This will truly test the minds of all deck builders. Thats all for today, I hope everyone enjoys there week and never forget....

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