Spiteful mermaid of pyramid lake, TRAP SUPPORT




Hello everyone BurnedByKevin here! And today I wanted to talk about a card that went right under my nose since I do not really play with water cards. And that is Spiteful mermaid of pyramid lake! This was brought to my attention after doing some playtesting with a buddy of mine. Spiteful mermaid allows the caster to tutor for a trap from there spell book and place it under a beastie or artifact you control.

That contract ability is very powerful and makes traps a lot more useful since there are a handful of great traps in MetaZoo! Now her arena ability is what adds the icing on the cake, the opposing casters first attack, must attack a beastie or artifact with a trap page underneath it. This is going to force a lot of tricky plays and trigger your most valuable traps assuming you have the aura to do so! Also protecting your most valuable cards, Loveland frogman, artifacts, or whatever archetype you decide to play with water.

When river is out she goes up to 70 lp, which can be pretty annoying to deal with for small beasties but creates a solid blocker. Overall, I think this was a great move by MetaZoo as traps were so underplayed, moving forward this be a good piece for those trap decks and definitely something annoying to play against!


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