The Rise of Flatwoods Cosmic Combo Decks

Hey everyone, BurnedByKevin here! I wanted to take the time to talk about the uprising of Cosmic Decks! Now Cosmic is no secret rogue deck in the format, there were tons of cosmic decks in the casters cup 2022! However, moving forward... UFO has brought the best support cosmic can get currently. Cosmic now has all the tools essentially to be a sandbox deck, meaning there are many variations on how to play it, however the one variation that is doing consistent right now is the combo version with the new Flatwoods monster from UFO!
Cosmic has the ability now to lock the opponent out the game with El Verde, and Flatwoods monster (from UFO). El Verde allows you to pick up any number of cosmic beasties from the arena to your hand, then the next cosmic beastie you contract that turn cost 1 less for each cosmic beastie you picked up. So, in this case when you contract Flatwoods monster you can declare beasties, when this is declared you and the opposing caster cannot perform any actions with beasties. If your opponent is a beastie heavy deck most likely they will just pass the turn. Now you contract El Verde, pick up any number of beasties and recontract Flatwoods monster and declare whatever page type you like, you'll know what to declare once you know what your opponent is playing. Rinse and repeat. You have now potentially locked out your opponent for the rest of the game while you build your board and swing them lethal.
Funny thing as I am typing this up Herman Herrera just won 1st place at the caster society tournament with this exact deck and locked his opponent out the last game of the match. Simply remarkable and now a force to be reckoned with in MetaZoo, (Herman and Flatwoods Monster)
We can now assume a major uprise in these cosmic decks, but I'm sure in different variations to combat the original! I'm in awe to see how far MetaZoo has come in regard to competitive play and different variation of decks. Be on the lookout for more rogue decks possibly surfacing in the next month or so! Have a great day everyone and always remember

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