Hello everyone, BurnedByKevin here! And today I wanted to talk about the new Walking Sam that was spoiled by argos today! Wow! Is really all I can say! This new version of Walking Sam is super powerful, and the fact you can play the Seance Walking Sam, and the Cryptid Nation Walking Sam is going to be a scary duo! So, the new Walking Sams arena ability is very strong. It cannot be affected by dark or cosmic spells, which is a typical Walking Sam effect, just the added cosmic bonus, but the kicker is that it can generate a token when it resolves an attack. The tokens it creates have 20 lp, and 20 damage base, this can create a huge wall of blockers or just add aggro to the board against slow decks! Having that added arena ability is going to be crucial, and gives Walking Sam more versatility if you don't end up using his power due to your opponent not having beasties! Now his actual power is CRAZY. You can take control of an opponent's beastie/token for the rest of the game, or until Walking Sam leaves the arena! That is actually insane. Imagine lightning in a bottle x3 and taking control of 3 beasties your opponent controls. Blowout. Now of course with a great power like this comes great responsibility. Walking sam is pretty fragile with a low lp of 60, and also the beasties you take control of with Walking Sams ability, if they take any damage or, are destroyed, Walking Sam loses 10 lp. This gives Walking Sam some balance here similar to Flatwoods Monster only having 50 LP. Spirit/Dark decks looking super powerful already and time will tell which dual aura or even triple aura will take the meta! What do you think? 


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