The POKEZOO ProCasters


"Semper Pro Communitas" -  Always for the Community

These words proudly grace our company logo and it is a motto we live by here at POKEZOO. We embrace the variety of ways that individuals choose to enjoy the hobby. Whether it be through playing, collecting, trading or investing, we're here to support you. 

In an effort to help the community expand, we have deployed a division of POKEZOO known as ProCaster. As a first of its kind in the TCG world, our ProCasters will be stationed around the country and host monthly events sponsored by POKEZOO in their local markets. 


What to expect at these events:

  • Learn to play and introductory level sessions with the ProCaster
  • Deck building and strategy sessions
  • Game nights with other local players 
  • Trade Night - Buy/Sell/Trade 
  • Tournaments 

Be sure to check out the ProCaster Event Calendar for upcoming events in your area!


If you would like to apply to become a POKEZOO ProCaster, please fill out the form HERE